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"I'm a frequent sufferer of sciatica and I do regularly have my lower back adjusted and manipulated back into place. The relief is usually instant although not prolonged. As suggested, last week I tried dry needling with Matt and I can categorically state after one session at around 30/40 minutes my back and legs have remained relieved of sciatic pain for nearly a week. The needles are placed in certain hotspots and joints there is no pain from the needles (at least I didn't find them painful) they go numb more or less immediately and and cause almost a chain reaction in sensations which I felt in my feet and lower legs still not painful sensations.
It is now 6 days later from my first treatment and I am still free of severe lower back and leg pains, I will be booking for this treatment again as the relief speaks for itself."

- Liz, Manchester



I have had three session of dry needle treatment for a problem with my lower back.
I  had never had  this treatment before but the Therapist put me at ease and was very informative as to what the treatment entailed and the benefits of it. I was apprehensive as to whether I would feel any pain but this was not the case.  You do feel the needles being inserted but it is not painful. You feel a sensation which quickly wears off and I felt relaxed during the whole time.
I feel the treatments have been beneficial and my back pain has eased considerably.
I would recommend the treatment to anyone suffering from lower back problems.

- Hazel, Manchester



After 4 operations on my knee, constant pain and lack of mobility I decided a new type of treatment could possibly do what painkillers haven’t for a very long time.


So I tried Dry Needling. I was extremely apprehensive as I am terrified of needles but the therapist was very understanding and put me at ease straight away.


He assessed the area and told me up front what sensations I could possibly feel and how this treatment will help.


Being completely honest, the first few needles I didn’t feel entering, once he started to work on the scarred skin and around the knee I felt uncomfortable but that lasted no more than 4 seconds, then the area turned numb.


Once the needles were removed, I felt numbness in the area. That is the most relief I have felt from pain in a very long time.


It has now been 4 days and I feel no pain at all.


All I can say is this treatment is brilliant and I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering pain.  

John, Manchester City Centre



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