Weight Training


At Total Sports Rehabilitation we offer personal training sessions to help improve strength and muscle conditioning. One of the techniques we use to achieve this is Weight Training. This type of training utilises resistance bands and free weights in order achieve your goals. Using weights causes stress on the muscles causing them to adapt and get stronger. 


At Total Sports Rehab, we tailor make each individual training programme to suit your needs and goals. Wether you are a seasoned weight lifter or have been put off by the weights section at your local gym we can help with personal training sessions. 




You may have been weight training for a while and have not been getting the results you wanted to achieve so maybe it is time for a change. Why not take advantage of our years of experience and gain the strength and size benefits you want! 


If you have never trained before and don't quite know where to start, don't worry! We have all been there. We all have to start somewhere... So why not start with a professional trainer who can show you the correct and best way to train! Say goodbye to Gym Fear with Total Sports Rehab!  

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