Weight Loss and Management 


Are you struggling to reach that goal weight? Or have you reached that goal weight and want to stay there?


At Total Sports Rehab we know how weight loss can be difficult to achieve if:

  • Training is carried out incorrectly,
  • You are deterred by boring and repetitive exercises,
  • A healthy diet is not considered. 


Managing weight can be just as difficult. One weekend of treats can lead to a week long binge of unhealthy snacks and treats. Motivation to exercise can be lost and before your eyes your hardwork and results can disappear. It is important to find the balance between nutrition, exercise and enjoyment. If you find your healthy lifestyle enjoyable, it is far less likely to fall off the wagon. 


As explained earlier, it is very important when trying to lose weight to focus on your lifestyle as a whole not just on exercise. 


With Total Sports Rehab you will not only have a tailored exercise programme designed just with you in mind, you will also be able to take advantage of our nutritional prgramme including our secret weapon against excess weight. This nutritional prgramme has been scientifcally proven to kick start weight loss with drastic changed within the first 9 days. 

We have all been there.. Our pro-active kick drives us to lose the excess weight, get trim and toned, cut out all those unnecessary sugars & carbs. We look and feel amazing. Then, it starts... You start to crave those carbs & sugars and start to dread going to the gym. It's repetitive. It's boring. 


Well mix it up! With our programmes, exercise is fun and fresh! We offer different solutions to every excuse and problem you have. We know you sometimes just lack motivation and we have that by the bucket loads! 



"After almost a year of being practically bed bound I went from having a tiny frame weighing just 8st 4lbs wearing size 8 clothing to 11st 14lbs wearing size 14 clothing. I was so unhappy and being unable to exercise I found the weight was continually piling on regardless of how little I ate. The worse I would feel, the more I ate. Vicious Cycle. I first contacted Matt at Total Sports Rehab after my last operation and wanted some general information about how his services could help me as I had contaced a few gyms in Manchester and found their knowledge limited to medical conditions and their weight loss programmes very generic. Matt however was completely different. We had a consultation and he assesed my fitness levels, my bodies endurance after the operations and my main concerns and goals. 

Not only did he work me to within an inch of my life in the gym, he gave me a tailored nutritional diet plan and a 9 day cleanse. The 9 day cleanse changed my life! I lost over a stone on that alone, inches off my waist, thighs and arms. I was in the gym 3 times a week and was given regular sports massages to aid my muscle recovery. 

It has now been 6 months since I started with Total Sports Rehab. I now weigh 9 stone 7lbs. I am back into size 8 top clothing and size 10 bottoms. 

Thanks to Total Sports Rehab I have my confidence and smile back. All I can say to anyone reading this is if you want to lose weight, do it with this company. My life is back to normal and it is all thanks to one amazing guy! Thanks Matt!"


-Natalie, Manchester 

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