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If you (like many others) lack motovation to push yourself in the gym or simply lack the motivation to go to the gym but have fitness goals you wish to meet, then these packages are just for you. 


One thing we, as fitness experts, tend to find when signing up a new Personal Training Client is that they find the gym a daunting and scary place. Not for the fact of other people (although this is a common fear which is why Total Sports Rehab is a private 1:1 Personal Training gym) more so, not knowing how to use gym equipment; how to keep yourself safe when exercising & what to do to reach the goals you have set yourself. 

Why choose TSR Online Personal Training Programme?

  • Tailored by us, for you and only you - These packages are built with your current fitness levels in mind helping you to gain confidence in your own exercise abilities. 
  • Easy to access and use both at home and in a gym setting. 
  • Flexible training - Train when you want. No schedules to work with, only yours!
  • Safer Training - Our exercise programmes educate you step-by-step on correct posture and working with your own strength limiting the chances of injury.

Meet the software


Our state of the art software logs and tracks your progress, keeping you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. 



Initial fitness tests are used as a baseline helping us gauge your starting fitness levels, painting an overall picture of your exercise capabilities.



All of your training sessions are deployed into your own 'training locker' which you can take with you anywhere you go. 



All your sessions come complete with easy to follow, video demonstrations to help you achieve the correct technique and form when working through the exercises. This helps keep your sessions safe and fun, whilst keeping you motivated. 



Your online training plan comes complete with access to your fitness professional on a daily basis via phone, email and text. Each week we will have a courtesy 'check in' session, at a time convenient for you, to discuss your progress and if we need to change the plans. 


Further support information such as nutrition and injury prevention exercises can be found on our instagram page. 


If you are interested in Tailored Online Personal Training programmes - Get in touch!

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