TSR | Gait Analysis with Footscan® Technology

At TSR we are always improving our skills and techniques which is why we are excited to announce our newest piece of technology to hit our Clinic. 


Common complaints we hear in Clinic from Ankle pain to Lower Back Pain can often be attributed to poor Gait, whether that is Motion Gait (as you walk or run) or Standing Gait which can be heightened by incorrect support from your shoes, boots or trainers. 


People often misinterpret Gait issues with only Athletes or Runners. This is incorrect. Whether you Exercise Daily or not at all, wear running trainers more than most, High Heels or Office Flats, you are at risk of incorrect Gait and the effects of this can impact your general MuscoSkeletal Health and Posture. 

What is Footscan®?

Footscan® is a pressure measurement system, in the form of a long mat that converts the pressure under your feet into electronic data.

Footscan®  records 3-400 frames of information per second, Bio-mechanically analysing your footprint to see exactly where you need some extra support.


What does it do?

Footscan® records changes in pressure under your feet during activities such as walking and running and can also be used to assess Gait during training techniques such as Squatting, Lunging and Jumping. Footscan® records movement down to fractions of seconds allowing us to take a close and in-depth look, frame by frame to show even the slightest irregularity during your analysis. 


How can it help?

Footscan® not only allows us to identify and correct issues with you Gait, it can also be applied as a preventative meausre. Footscan allows us to determine if you are at an increased risk of injury during exercise based movements such as Squatting and Lunging or from Running or walking during everyday life. This data is then compiled and if necessary, treatments such as 3D Printed Orthotics, a Rehabilitation Plan or Manual Therapies such as Sports Massage or Dry Needling may be prescribed. 

Treatment Price 


45 Minute Gait Analysis | £60



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